Bosahan Woods in Constantine

Through the amazing generosity of a local resident, a large part of Bosahan woods was bought for the benefit of the local community. It is now owned by Constantine Enterprises Company (CEC) – the village not-for-profit charity that operates the Tolmen Centre and that has been the umbrella organisation under which a number of village projects have flourished.  CEC has set up an initial Woodland Management Team that held public meetings in May 2018 to gather local community views.

The aim of the meetings was to tell the story of how the gift came about, to set out plans for the first tasks that must be carried out, and mainly to begin to understand how members of the local community would wish ‘their’ woods to be managed.

The work carried out so far has focused on making the woods safe, bringing in a local tree firm to deal with those few trees that have been assessed as being in a dangerous state. Later in 2018 there will be some significant restoration carried out on the paths, bringing them back to the sound and level state they were in several decades ago. Any further work beyond that will be directed by views and suggestions gathered from the community.

The public meetings were well attended, and there was much positive discussion of the need to retain the character of the woods. There was also discussion of safety-related issues – particularly around the swings and the problems of liability that ensue. Swings have traditionally been put in place (and most recently removed) by members of the local community, without any oversight or specific consideration of safety issues. There are no easy answers here, and the Woodland Management team will be seeking expert advice.

Local residents have been invited to consider whether they would be able to support the project by offering skills or volunteer effort. The management team will be keen to provide further updates on progress via the Constant Times, the Herald, notice boards and this website. Any further comments, donations or offers of volunteer help will be very welcome; please use the form on the ‘Contact’ page of this website.